60 seconds with Rhiannon Lambert.


Rhiannon Lambert, leading Harley Street nutritionist, imparts evidence-based health advice to a whole range of clients – from postpartum mums to professional footballers. An avid foodie and popular face on social media, newspaper and TV circuits (she consulted behind the scenes on the Masterchef series), she also works alongside NHS cardiologists and GPs to demonstrate the influence nutrition can have on illness and recovery. On top of all that she has developed menus at some of London’s finest eateries and has a book, Re-nourish: The definitive Guide to Optimum Nutrition, coming out in December 2017.

First thing I do when I wake up: Drink an energy boosting green tea while I prepare breakfast.

My guilty pleasure is: Granola.

The quickest way to glowing skin is: Stay hydrated and eat a diet rich in healthy fats.

One wellness trend you’ll never see me try: Juicing.

Day or night? Day.

If I didn’t work in the health industry, I’d be a: Singer. Prior to being a nutritionist, I was a professional soprano.

I never make a smoothie without adding: One scoop of protein powder.

The last time I cried was: Today. I truly wear my heart of my sleeve.

The motto I live by: No symptoms that can be treated with nutrition should be treated by any other means.

The tune that gets me pumped: Fame. I’m the biggest musical theatre fan ever!

Failsafe hangover cure: I honestly don’t have one. I just hydrate and get on with the day.

Can’t live without: My boyfriend Billy, my laptop and eggs.

Top 3 London eats: Chotto Matte, Chicken Shop and Detox Kitchen.

My stand out moment from 2016 was: Signing my first book deal.

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