60 seconds with Natalie Lee aka Style Me Sunday.


Natalie Lee, founder of award winning fashion site Style Me Sunday, created her blog back in 2012 as a creative outlet during pregnancy. Today, thanks to the #WarriorWoman initiative set up last year, she leverages her influence to spread the word on diversity, body confidence and self acceptance. Nat's carefully considered social media content is a vibrant mash up of high street style, serious discussion, beauty tips and travel posts - all delivered with a candour and inclusivity that make her utterly relatable. She's appeared on the cover of Rock n Roll Bride, written about female hair loss for The Pool and features in Marie Claire's "Verified Power 2018' list. I managed to pin her down for a quick fire round of Q&As where she talks about the importance of listening to your body, coke floats and staying in your lane. Enjoy...

First thing you do when you wake up? Look at my phone to see how ridiculously early it is.

The app you can’t live without? Instagram obvs! Hahaha.

What does self care mean for you? Nothing to do with spending money. It’s listening to what my mind and body needs at that point. Sometimes the noise obscures your listening abilities.

Biggest extravagance? I'm not typically extravagant, I don’t covet designer handbags, but I do spend a fair amount on lipsticks and clothes.

Where do you find inspiration? All around. London is the best for inspiration. But also Instagram and Pinterest.

The motto you live by? Stay in your lane. Don’t get sidetracked by concerning yourself with what other people are doing. It’s the biggest roadblock to feeling content and grateful with what you have right now.

Last book you read was... 'Multi-hyphen Method' by Emma Gannon.

Can’t live without... My family. They keep me sane.

Final death row meal... A killer roast dinner with crispy potatoes.

Most unappealing habit... I floss all the time. My husband hates the noise when we’re sitting on the sofa watching TV.

The advice you’d give your 20-something self... That it's ok to be vulnerable, you don’t have to have all the answers and don’t need men for validation.

Your biggest achievement to date... I have so many - my girls, my work and maintaining a 20-year relationship with someone I still fancy.

Failsafe hangover cure? Coke floats; I have a craving for them every time. Not sure they work so much as a cure but I NEED them.

Favourite podcast? I like true crime podcasts. S-Town blew my mind.

What brings you out in a rage...? Judgmental people.

How do you let your hair down...? I love to dance. I like to dress up - preferably with glitter - and party, which is why I love festivals so much.