The cheat's guide to bigger brows.


Some well heeled brow thickness can be a face changer but if you’ve overplucked or the nineties have left you a bit sparse, don’t despair. Here’s a quick guide to getting your brows back on track.

Leave them be, as in zero tweezing. We all know that one tweeze leads to another. Be patient and trust the process, you can always start shaping them again when they’ve completely grown back.

Fill in patchiness with feathery strokes of a brown pencil that’s one shade lighter than your natural colour. If that’s too much of a kerfuffle try brushing through a pigmented gel which adds volume. I swear by Glossier’s Boy Brow, it can be applied in a hurry and requires zero skill.

Tinting picks up every last hair, even the baby fine ones, giving you immediate ‘bulk’. Either invest in a salon treatment or do yourself at home. I use the Strictly Professional Eyebrow Tint Kit from Amazon and do them every 3-4 weeks. Takes me 15 minutes from start to finish.

Castor oil is said to encourage growth and condition, though it might take a while to see results. I use an old, clean spoolie (or you can buy packs from Amazon) and brush a little oil through my brows at night before I go to bed.

Lumigan is another option, though it’s worth bearing in mind it’s not actually meant for brows and neither is it cheap. Actually a prescription medication for glaucoma, one of Lumigan’s side effects is that it grows ultra-long eyelashes and is often used off-label on eyebrows as well. Medicetics in London stock it but you’ll need to have a consultation first.

I haven’t gone down the microblading route yet but am not averse to the idea. Just make sure youcheck out the brow artist’s work beforehand and 100% trust that they get the look you’re after. Don’t do what my mum did and enlist a therapist who’d just done her training and was offering discounted rates, basically for people for practise on. She will be sporting one brow higher than the other for some considerable time. In London Suman Jalaf (@sumanbrows) is the brow queen behind Kate Moss, Suki Waterhouse and Emilia Fox’s beautifully defined arches. She says a full consultation is essential to discuss the process and ensure the results are in line with a client’s expectations. She’ll check out your face shape, your skin type, even your eye colour. If you’re worried about looking too ‘done’, relax. Clients flock to Suman’s Chelsea clinic for her natural results, but if you’re not ready to go the full hog, her and her team also offer shaping and tinting treatments that frame the face, resulting in a fresher, more youthful look