5 reasons to try TRX.


As featured in Sheer Luxe

We’ve been cranking up our toning regime now that bikini season is in full swing...

Our secret weapon? TRX. The suspension training workout is having a moment (A-list fans include Gisele) thanks to its quick results.Although invented by a Navy SEAL, TRX is less intimidating than it looks, and the benefits for women are huge – from a super-firm core to increased strength and flexibility.But don’t take our word for it – we chatted with Claire Finlay, fitness expert and owner of Transition Zone in Parson’s Green, about why you need to get acquainted with suspension straps this summer...

1. One of TRX’s biggest appeals is its suitability for all fitness levels. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can adapt it based on where you stand in relation to the anchor point by adjusting the length of the straps. This puts you in control of your own workout and means you decide how much of your own body weight you use. Many women wouldn’t dream of lifting their own weight, but that’s exactly what they’re doing in many TRX exercises.

2. It’s a full-body workout that pushes you to your limits and the perfect HIT (high intensity interval) fix. Just 20-to-30 minutes a day can make a tremendous difference and give incredibly fast results. Plus, the beauty of these straps is that they’re small enough to take anywhere for an instant portable gym. Hook them over a hotel door or throw them around a sturdy tree branch, and you’re good to go.

3. There is quite possibly no other discipline that will rock your abs like TRX does. Every single exercise performed on the straps demands you use your core to the max. On top of that you’re boosting your metabolic rate, which sends your calorie burn soaring... So even when you’re finished, you’re still torching fat.

4. Regular TRX workouts will help you sculpt muscle without adding bulk. Working with your own body weight means you’ll develop long, lean, streamlined muscles. Along the way, you’ll build some serious strength, so although it’s challenging you’re going to adore the results.

5. You will never get bored! The very best studios mix exercises up to ensure a fast flowing circuit/drill-based session that incorporates cardio, stretch, strength and conditioning – even yoga – for the ultimate fusion workout.Transition Zone offers 30 and 45 minute TRX classes.Visit TransitionZone.co.uk